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Sri Varasiddhi Vinayakar Temple - In Kanipakam


Sri Varasiddhi Vinayakar Temple Kanipakam Tirupati

The Kanipakkam Shri Varasiddhi Vinayakar Temple is located at Kanipakam in Irala Mandal, Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. This temple is about 11 km from Chittoor town, This temple is most significant for its purity and rich heritage. The Moola Vigraha of Lord Ganesha is considered to be a Swayambhu murti (self-derived or of divine origin and not made by human).

The temple was built in the early 11th Century AD by the Chola king Kulothunga Cholan and was further expanded in 1336 by the Emperors of Vijayanagara dynasty. During Vinayaka chathurthi the Utsavamurthi out in procession through the city in different Vahanams Morning Abishekam performed on a daily basis on Bramhostavam days. Hamsa Vahanam, about 6-7 hours when Star Star Chitta enters Kanya lagnam.

According to legend of the temple there were three brothers and all Viz.Dumb handicapped, deaf and blind. Were hired to cultivate a small plot of land. In the old days, the water was to be Despite very Piccot System. As one of them is used for field irrigation channels, the other two used to play Piccot. It is a measure of this kind, found that the water is very dry and could no longer continue their work. One of them was good and started to dig up. He was surprised to see the iron implement hitting a stone like formation. Later, he was shocked when I saw blood oozing out of it. Within seconds the water turned blood red in color. So afraid of this divine vision, all three became normal getting rid of anomalies. As soon as the villagers came to know of this miracle, crowded the well and tried to deepen the well further.

But their experiments showed vain because swayambhu idol (self expression) of Lord Vinayaka emerged from the swirling waters.

Sri Vinayaka Varasiddhi who upholds Truth

The idol belongs swayambhu Kanipakam-holder of the truth. Day day disputes between people is resolved by taking a 'special oath. People in the dispute take a holy dip in the temple tank and swear before the Lord. It is taken as gospel. There are cases where the person who committed this sin voluntarily agrees as he had the dip and well before they enter the temple itself. It seems the Lord lawns invisibly on the sinner and makes him repent and feel guilty about his sinful acts.

Thus the glory of Sri Vinayaka Varasiddhi spread far and honorable courts maintain the "special oath 'in their judicial opinions.


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