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Akasarajan Welcomes Srinivasa


The city of Narayanapuram was glamorous with the wedding decorations. The king had ordered that every one in his kingdom should participate in the grand marriage of his daughter, Princess Padmavathy. Padmavathy had her auspicious bathe and dressed in royal robes. A wide variety of ornaments adorned her person. Resembling Sri Lakshmi Devi, the princes appeared in the bridal procession.

Akasarajan Welcomes Srinivasa

Taking his daughter on the back of an elephant king Akasa Rajan led the bridal procession. Music was played on their way. Akasa Rajan could not control his feelings of ectasy that the bridegroom of his daughter's choice is none but the great srinivasa.

When both the bridal parties met at the outskirts of Narayanapuram they joined together back to the city. The procession went through the main streets of the city before reaching the marriage hall. The public hailed them both on their way throughout. The saints sang the victory of the Lord and his Spouse to be. In a large mansion, Srinivasa and his followers were accommodated. They had a grand feasting and rested that night there.

The Saints and seers met the king and suggested the ritualistic pattern of the Divine Marriage. The king arranged for the exact fulfillment of the Vedic rites. Dharani Devi, the queen attended to the wedding celebrations along with a band of her attendants. All the auspicious religious offerings were offered by her to the assembled invitees.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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